random lexicon questions

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random lexicon questions

Postby Matthew Turnbull » Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:20 pm

I put all of the lexicon and some other stuff into a toolbox file, and i'm still working on it, but I had some trouble with the following words so far. If everyone wants to weigh in that'd be cool.

*does anan apply to non-humans or only humans?

*is bagai noun or verb?

*can venumanil mean retrieve of a person?

*is lomix only for felis catus, or can it apply to other animals (ex. canis familiaris)?

*fenan is what exactly, herbacious plants? all plants with leaves?

*what qualifies as kiaku

*is tsola from when the sun rises to when it sets, or from one sunrise to the next?

*what does velum refer to exactly, so what is the difference between velum and vevu?
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